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Our videos will inspire and teach essential lessons and stories from Elizabeth and other “Soulsters”, who are working hard to make their lives flourish. We seek to actively grow and develop our online Soulster community with positive, creative, loving and committed members. We are a non-profit organization relying on donations, volunteers and lots of love.


The mission of Soulster is to inspire creativity, courage, and connection

Founding Director

Elizabeth McKoy

I believe that living the fullest, happiest life includes creative expression. There is no greater feeling to me than working collaboratively with others, and this combination of creativity and connection is what SOULSTER is about….


The Soulster class really helped me to connect to myself more honestly, and as a result I felt freer.  After sharing and hearing other perspectives, I saw that even a simple idea had beauty in it, and I could build on it. I felt empowered!

– Kimberly

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Summer, 2019

Lake Merritt Survey

Survey Day at Lake Merritt! Join us for a fun afternoon of conversation:
What is Creativity?
What is Courage?
What is Connection?
Are you a Soulster?

December, 2019

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