“Soulster is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire, unleash and celebrate creativity in everyone.”

We achieve this through our online and in-person classes, workshops, retreats, video newsletter, Soulster talks, and through our unique and supportive community.



Why is SOULSTER needed?

We want to create positive social media content.
We believe creativity and well-being are interconnected and integral to a meaningful life.
We believe that we need to create communities where kindness and connection are valued and are a priority.

Is SOULSTER a religiously-affiliated site?

No, SOULSTER does not promote any religious organization or spiritual group, but we touch on personal growth, spirituality, meaning making and well-being. SOULSTER draws inspiration and wisdom from all cultures, traditions and ways of knowing.

How can I be a part of SOULSTER?

Subscribe to our weekly Video Magazine (SOULSTER’S “Vlogazine”)! You will receive big-hearted, inspiring content to enrich your well-being and creativity. To get the full “inside” SOULSTER experience, become a member! -*coming soon* All members will be invited to a closed Facebook group, where you’ll find other SOULSTERZ seeking creativity, courage and connection. We will share, support, and mentor each other. Membership is by donation — we strive for 100% participation from all members. Please consider making a one-time or monthly  donation. ​
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Do I need to pay to be a SOULSTER member?

No. Subscriptions to our vlogazine are completely free, but we encourage all members contribute what they can to support our organization. A one-time donation or a monthly donation is how we are hoping to sustain the costs of running this non-profit organization.

How do I learn more about SOULSTER?

Email us at ​​, with any questions! We’re a small team, but we will try to respond to every email!

Who runs SOULSTER? What are their credentials?

Elizabeth McKoy is the Founder and Director of SOULSTER. Elizabeth studied theater, fine art, arts education and psychology, and more than 25 years of education and professional theater directing experience. Learn more about Elizabeth’s background, and vision of SOULSTER here.


Inspiring Creativity Through Connection

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