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We believe that in order to have a “well-lived” life, we need to integrate creativity with connection to ourselves and others.

We seek to transform social media into a positive, collaborative, vulnerable space for learning, growing and sharing to become our best selves in community.

Join our online community forum, vlogazine, classes, workshops, and events to get back in touch with your most creative self.

Connect with other SOULSTERZ—people who are celebrating, struggling, learning and desiring to bring more joy, understanding and meaning into their lives. Let’s show up for each other, nudge each other, learn from and inspire each other, and let our creative juices flow together!


We are a non-profit organization seeking to re-imagine the spaces between us into vibrant online “enclaves”, making them accessible to all who want more creativity in their lives.

In addition to our weekly Vlogazine, we seek to grow our “SOULSTER Inner Circle” global membership that focuses on discussions and conversations, creativity coaching and mentorship, including meeting and learning from our amazing Muses.

About Elizabeth



I believe that living the fullest, happiest life includes creative expression. There is no greater feeling to me than working collaboratively with others, and this combination of creativity, community and connection is what SOULSTER is all about.

I have always felt “called” to the arts. I grew up in NYC, born from a kooky, extended big-hearted family of ardent musicians and activists who believed that arts and culture were non-negotiable parts of living a full life. I danced, painted, wrote, acted, and sang as much as I could—and these passions turned into my life-long commitment to the Arts.

As an adult I have learned to prioritize creative fitness. It hasn’t been easy, but it is a necessary path to my happiness and well-being. I’ve been an actress, singer, painter, teacher, arts administrator and theatre director. I am insanely curious about understanding big questions such as “the meaning of life,” and I get filled with hope and tremendous energy from the myriad of gutsy, joyful other “SOULSTERZ” who have and will soon inspire and teach me. 12 years ago I started my dream, the Berkeley Playhouse—a professional musical theatre company—and today we are a successful, award-winning non-profit organization serving thousands of people in the San Francisco Bay Area. All of these experiences have led me to want to share my insights and knowledge to help others.

I am married to my best friend for many years and we are “forever nesters” with five children ages five to 25 years.

Join our SOULSTER community where you will find inspiration, ideas, creativity and connect with some other great people.

photo credit: Ben Kranz

Please contact to inquire about booking Elizabeth for a speaking engagement.

About Dana

Dana Swint is the Producer and Community Coordinator for SOULSTER.

Dana loves dance, learning about wellness practices, and hiking in the beautiful mountains of the Bay Area. She is currently in an Anusara yoga teacher training program and hopes to spread the healing, nourishing power of yoga widely in her Oakland and SOULSTER communities—bringing in artful expression, mindfulness and trauma-informed practice.

Dana studied Sociology and Education at Mills College in Oakland, and critical research methodologies in Education at the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies. Her professional background is in non-profit youth development, focused on girls educational empowerment. SOULSTER bridges her growing passion for well-being, experiential learning and cultivating connection through community.

She grew up in the Northern Bay Area, in a big family, with a mom who encouraged her to be herself and never stop exploring her interests!

What is a Muse?

SOULSTER Muses are volunteers who SOULSTER may ask to share their expertise and vulnerabilities in making creativity a part of their wellbeing.

  • They are a diverse group of people from around the world who help make the SOULSTER community magical and unique.

  • Muses contribution serves to help others unleash their creative energy and highlights our visionary social media SOULSTER ideology.




Embracing the motto of Ben & Jerry: “If it’s not fun, why do it?,” Dana is a creative, high-energy and dynamic communications professional with proven experience for building brands, developing communications strategies and creating impactful business relationships with a focus on social impact. Throughout her career, Dana has had the distinct privilege of working with consumer, travel, technology, social impact, and sports brands to drive awareness to cause-focused campaigns that she is truly proud to say are changing the world. A Bay Area native, Dana earned her B.A. in Mass Communications from the University of California at Berkeley and her J.D. at the University of San Francisco School of Law. When not working, Dana runs and SUPs (Stand Up Paddles), writes humorous articles (she’s now working on a book), spends time with her triplets and husband, who are part-Hawaiian, and enjoys Salt & Straw as well as a good Pinot Noir — though not necessarily all at the same time! Her bucket list includes: living on a tropical island, becoming fluent in Italian, and filling her island with laughter and song joined by Jimmy Fallon, JT, Shawn Mendez, and Sandra Bullock!  You can follow Dana on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

William Thomas Hodgson


William is a professional theater artist. He splits his time between the UK, Oakland (CA), and his current home in L.A. He finds joy in performing, directing, sometimes producing, but also education, travel, food, and so much more. His SOULSTER tribe, some listed here, some not, is the family that supports him on his constant quest for creativity, happiness, and meaning. Follow William Instagram


Inspiring Creativity Through Connection

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